World news: The impact of Earth Day

Sélah Fischer

Earth day is not only what seems to be just an average holiday of planting trees and cleaning up the backyard, However this holiday wasn’t always around and it means much more than that.

Earth day started over 45 years ago. Ever since then, environmentalism has been a huge social movement around the world.

Looking back at the late 1960’s there was already a growing public outcry over the environment and it did not stop there. All across our country alone, smog, trash, and water pollution have been piled high on top of America and have impacted our nation’s public health.

Not only have we had extinct animals, but we have had oil spills and extreme amounts of waste and pollution. The scary part is that this is not slowing down.

Looking back to when 170 million gallons of oil were flooded into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, we see how such a small mistake can severely damage our Earth. Our nation, whether it be by mistake or not, is constantly being harmed. Earth day is not the only day we can set it right, but it’s a good day to start.

Earth day first began on April 22, 1970 due to the U.S senator Gaylord Nelson. He wanted to conduct a call to global environmental awareness and he did just that. Since then, he has made a huge impact on the growth of our universe.

In the past years Earth day has accomplished a ton. Without it, some landmark accomplishments might never have happened such as conducting a clean air act, clean water act, endangered species act and more.

Earth Day has made people become more aware of their health, the environment and their responsibilities as a human on Earth.

A clean planet makes for a better life.

Happy Earth Day!