World News: Hostility settles between the U.S and Cuba

Have no fear; you will soon be able to bring back some fresh Cuban cigars as a souvenir after traveling! However, the U.S ending the blockade with Cuba means much more than some cool souvenirs for your cigar-collecting grandpa.

For five decades The Cuban Embargo has not allowed American companies to do business with the island. However, historical changes are soon being made.

President Obama planned to meet with the President of Cuba, Raul Castro this past weekend at the Summit of the America’s in Panama to end hostility between the two countries.

Negotiations are to be made and the long economic blockade is said to be ending, according to

President Obama said that the shift in the U.S policy is a “turning point for the entire nation.”

The two nations hope to restore trade and travel. Also, Castro hopes for Obama’s forgiveness as the U.S president had nothing to do with the feud during the cold war.

Only time will tell what exactly will come from the leaders meeting, however, at this point it seems the two are eager to conduct a positive change in history.