DIY: Terrarium


DIY: Terrarium

Sélah Fischer

Earth day is just around the corner but let’s get real, we live in Michigan and it’s still bot warm enough yet to go out and tend a garden or plant some trees. However, an indoor terrarium is perfect for getting your hands dirty without having to freeze outside. It’s like your own little ecosystem right inside your home. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to make.

 What you will need:

  1. Any kind of glass jar or vase.
  2. Potting soil
  3. Plants of your choice
  4. Live moss
  5. Colored sand
  6. Charcoal
  7. Lava rock

 What to do:

  1. Begin by adding a layer of lava rock.
  2. Next, add a layer of charcoal.
  3. Then, add some layers of colored sand to attract they eye.
  4. Add a layer of potting soil.
  5. Add live moss and the plants you’ve chosen.