World News: Dozens killed from landslide in Colombia

As if the Nepal earthquake wasn’t horrible enough, another tragedy has struck and it’s all thanks to Mother Nature once again.A landslide occurred in Colombia early Monday, May 18 killing around 48 people, according to BBC News.

It is said that heavy rain caused the unfortunate event in Antioquia province in northwest Colombia. The rain forced riverbanks in Liboriana, which is a town in Salgar, to burst causing the landslide.

Survivors say debris began to tumble down the mountains around 2 a.m. Monday, according to CNN.

Many are injured and authorities say that around 30 families are affected. It is still too early to know any further details, as bodies are still being uncovered in the aftermath.

Rocks, dirt and trees cover and have destroyed many of the houses, devastating those who once called them home.

President Juan Manuel Santos has travelled to Salgar after the landslide and promises to rebuild the damaged houses and make them even better than before.

The town may be destroyed, but Santos believes they must move on.