World News: Mayweather VS Pacquaio results get a rise out of viewers

Mayweather defeats Pacquaio In what may be considered the world’s most anticipated boxing match Saturday.

Within 12 consecutive rounds both boxers held their own as they fought to be named champion as millions around the world were watching. No pressure, though. 

As both boxers put up a good fight, Mayweather still managed to come out on top as he won, defending his undefeated title that is now 48-0.

However, the aftermath of the fight was almost more entertaining than the actual fight. Tweets and Facebook posts popped up instantly as many were quick to judge.

Many believe Mayweather didn’t deserve to win as they felt he didn’t do much. Moving around the ring, holding his opponent and hiding his face seemed to have stood out more to the audience than the actual punches he threw. Also, many thought Pacquaio put up a better fight and that the whole thing was set up.

None of these assumptions are necessarily true, however, they did upset viewers who paid a good chunk of change to watch the fight.

A lot of viewers felt it was boring, a waste of money and not a real fight. Now that it’s over, the nation is left with nothing but a hole in their wallet and a controversial topic to talk about with friends.