Maty Noyes’ “Love Songs from a Lolita” delivers exactly what it promises

Rising pop star Maty Noyes released her second EP, “Love Songs from Lolita,” in August, and it has already acquired her over 600,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

Noyes has a distinct pop/dance sound, and her lyrics deliver a level of attitude we haven’t seen since Lady Gaga’s early years.

Despite V Magazine calling her a “pop princess,” her influences lean more toward jazz and rock singers. She cites Amy Winehouse and Alanis Morissette as her musical role models.

The EP provides primarily upbeat dance tracks, but its slowest song is easily its most powerful. “Perspectives” is a rock-and-roll-inspired track about Noyes’ experiences with a “know-it-all” ex-boyfriend. She acknowledges her tendencies to jump to conclusions in relationships, but still maintains that her ex “sucks.”

“Lava Lamps” features indie rapper Beekwilder, who, before recording with Noyes, was virtually unknown. Despite the lack of name recognition, “Lava Lamps” is the most popular song on the EP. Originally released as a single, the track has deep ‘80s funk inspiration behind it.

Like Beekwilder, Noyes has spent most of her years under the radar. She released her first EP, “Noyes Complaint,” in 2016. The EP didn’t flop, but also didn’t gain her the recognition she had hoped for, with her track “Say It to My Face” being the only one to gain any traction.

Her feature work is a different story. Noyes is featured on songs by MOD SUN, gnash, Lemaitre, KYGO and The Weeknd. She is featured on KYGO’s 2015 track “Stay,” which reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Love Songs from a Lolita” isn’t a far cry from Noyes’ first EP. The majority of her tracks revolve around her tumultuous relationships and her belief that most men just don’t “get” her. She told “Atwood Magazine” in 2016 that she has a passion for mixing old sounds with newer influences.

This sentiment is made clear in “Lava Lamps” and “Porn Star.” Both songs focus on her experiences with the double standards placed upon women. In “Porn Star,” Noyes sings about how hard it can be to feel beautiful in a time where Photoshopping is the norm.

The lead single from the EP is titled “Spiraling Down.” It’s catchy and upbeat, despite its somewhat depressing message. Noyes sings about finally reaching the top of the industry and experiencing a downward spiral.

Along with “Spiraling Down,” “Real Friends” also provides commentary on the downsides of fame and the social media lifestyle that so many get caught up in. She talks about Instagram comments, Uber fees and how annoyed she is with her boyfriend.

“Love Songs from a Lolita” isn’t the deepest EP in the world. Noyes isn’t trying to tackle America’s toxic political climate or encourage you to register to vote. She’s upset about boys, her friends being mean to her and wanting to feel pretty even when she’s not wearing makeup.

She’s not trying to move mountains, she’s just trying to be relatable. And it’s working.

Rating: 4/5 stars