Police Files: Oct. 10, 2018

Ben Hume, Staff Reporter

Some Rotten Luck

An Oakland University police officer was flagged down in P9 while on patrol the night of Sept.15.

The person led the officer to his red Mercedes Benz and told the officer that he left for a high school football game around 7 p.m. and returned to find some minor damage and a collection of rotten bananas on the hood of his red Mercedes Benz.

The officer approached the vehicle and indeed observed a full Ziploc bag full of mashed brown bananas. On the ground to the right of the vehicle was an aluminum pan, also full of brown bananas. The victim stated that he did not know of anyone that would want to damage his property and believes it must have been an accident.

None of the victim’s property was reported stolen, and security footage was unable to identify any kind of culprit.

A Hard Spill

Oakland University Police Department (OUPD) dispatch was called to report an injured person on the sidewalk across Meadow Brook Road from P39 on Sept. 19. The caller stated that a student had injured themselves while skateboarding and fallen onto the sidewalk at high speed.

Upon arrival, the officer immediately observed the student had an open wound approximately three inches long above and to the right of his right eye. He also had several scrapes on both of his hands and legs.

The student stated he was headed south on the sidewalk and when he started passing P39, his board began to wobble. Realizing he was moving too fast, the student attempted to plant one foot to slow his descent. When he placed his foot on the ground, his leg turned intA very o a fulcrum and catapulted him off the board, landing hands first on the concrete. The eye injury occurred when his eyeglasses broke apart and cut him upon impact.

The student was transported to McLaren hospital and the scene was cleared without further incident.

A Very Poor Approach

OUPD received a call from a female student concerned about a subject that approached her and a group of friends. According to the caller, the subject asked if she was single and made her uncomfortable.

The officer met with the victim in the Oakland Center. The victim told the officer that the subject was “very aggressive” when speaking with her and her friends. She said he claimed they went to high school together and asked if she or her friends were single, and then asked if she wanted to get coffee.

The officer found the subject, telling him he was in no trouble and just wanted to talk. He was embarrassed that she thought he was being aggressive, and told the officer multiple times he would not speak with her again. The officer told him that changing his approach may help and to call OUPD if he ever needed assistance. The scene was cleared without further incident.