North Korea develops new threatening missiles

It’s not the first time North Korea has made unnerving threats to the United States, and leader Kim Jong Un is at it again.

With the country’s advances in technology it has now come up with another device that is considered a potential threat to not only the U.S, but to South Korea as well.

North Korea said it successfully tested a newly developed ballistic missile from a submarine on Saturday, according to NBC News.

The hostile jabs at the U.S have grown stronger over the past couple years and  leader Kim Jong Un feels he now has a weapon capable of taking out who he wishes.

The leader recently has his eye on taking out South Korean naval vessels that are said to have been violating North Koreas territorial waters. He plans to fire without warning.

It’s scary to think that a leader with such a huge following and such a hostile personality has the ability to create such weapons. He has no fear or hesitation when it comes to making these threats.

He believes this weapon is an “eye opening success.”