DIY: Homemade dog treats

The consistency should be thin.

These days you never know what ingredients are being put into dog treats at the store. With this easy recipe you can make sure your dogs are eating healthy and remain unharmed. The recipe only calls for three ingredients and is extremely easy to make. Plus, your dogs will love it!

What you will need:

  1. One banana
  2. Mini cupcake tray
  3. 5 Tbsp. of peanut butter
  4. 7 Tbsp. of plain, unsweetened yogurt

What to do:

  1. Add the peanut butter and yogurt into a bowl and whisk together. This amount of each ingredient was enough for me, however, if you want to make more treats feel free to add more peanut butter, yogurt and or both. The consistency should be pretty thing.
  2. Add the mixture into the tray.
  3. Chop up a banana into little slices and add one slice to each tin.
  4. Place the treats into the freezer over night.