Police Files: September 26, 2018

Ben Hume, Staff Reporter

Knowing when to fold ‘em

Three Oakland University Police Department officers responded to an odor complaint in Van Wagoner house at 1:39 a.m. on Sept. 8, 2018. Upon arriving at the reported room, officers detected a strong, skunk-like odor that they suspected to be marijuana.

The suspected student answered the door with red, watery, bloodshot eyes and spoke in a lethargic manner. One officer asked the student if he had been smoking marijuana, to which he helpfully replied yes. They then asked the student if he still had weed in his room, to which he also replied yes.

He then led the officer to his desk, from which he removed a bag of marijuana, saying he had just finished smoking and that he was currently high. He admitted he uses it for himself as a stress reliever, and the officer commented that he was very cooperative on scene with himself and University Housing. The student was given a ticket and advised.

Smoke and dash

An OUPD dispatcher received a call stating a room in Van Wagoner house had a skunky odor on Sept. 10, 2018. When officers were dispatched to the scene, they arrived at the room to find the subjects still there.

The subjects stated there were two other males in the room that had left five minutes before the officers had arrived, and they had been the ones who smelled like weed. The officers still smelled a faint whiff of marijuana in the room, but said they could not determine if the odor was coming from any one person in the room.

One of the two people who had left had his cousin collect his wallet and were taken to the OUPD station and advised not to come back to campus, after which they left. It is unclear what happened to the second missing suspect.

All’s well that ends well

Officers responded to a welfare check on a student around 1 a.m. on Sept. 5, 2018. Several students were in the hallway upon arrival, concerned about the mental well-being of a student that they thought may have wanted to kill himself. They believed him to be in possession of a knife, and one student provided a text that stated the student was leaving and not coming back.

Officers forced their way into the room after no initial response, and found the student with his headphones on. He stated that he had indeed purchased a knife that day, which he was unaware was half an inch over housing regulations.

The knife was found still in the packaging, and the student explained that the text was referring to the fact he did not know if college was the right choice for him at this time. He said that he had a friend at Michigan State University and he wanted to leave in the morning to go see that person.

The knife was taken and the determination was made that the student was not an immediate danger to himself or others, and the matter was turned over to University Housing.