Dying love: Tearing down the love locks

The city of love is facing a devastating change for lovers across the globe. “Love locks” on the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, France are being removed due to safety hazards.

For years couples that visited the beautiful city have locked their love on the bridge and threw the key into the Seine River down below. It’s a tradition known around the world and couples that mounted their love on the bridge are sad to see it go. Locals, However, have been complaining for years about the safety hazards of the locks on the bridge and have been demanding it be gone.

Due to the padlocks weighing too much for the bridge, pieces have been tumbling down causing safety concerns.  The bridge holds about 700,00 “love locks,” which is said to weigh as much as 20 elephants.

Aside from the dangerous weight limit the attraction also holds safety hazards for pollution in the river, graffiti and pickpocketers. Also, venders selling the locks on the streets create concern for locals.

The locks have been signifying undying love since 2008, but now workers have started to tear them off.