Club football Captain Bobby Saad prepares for senior season

Ever since he could remember, Bobby Saad had a love for the game of football. His dad started taking him to Detroit Lions games when he was little, and when he was finally old enough, his parents allowed him to start playing football in the 3rd grade.

Saad is now a senior with two national championship victories, an undefeated season, the football club’s all-time leader in tackles, tackles for loss,  a two-time All-American in the National Club Football Association (NCFA), the 2016 NCFA defensive player of the year and holds the record for most tackles in a single game, 15. Saad is now ready to add more accomplishments to his legacy at Oakland University.

He has been the football club’s team leader for the last two seasons but doesn’t feel extra pressure to lead his teammates and set an example for them.

“Being a leader of a team always started with learning how to become a follower first, to ‘buy-in’,” Saad said. “Today, the way I try to lead is to be there for the young players on the team and express that I am there for them whether it be to vent and be an older brother of sorts to all of them. The pressure is easily alleviated by having such a great group of guys. They make it easy.”

The new Head Coach Rick Fracassa knew taking the job wouldn’t be as difficult as it normally would because of Saad.

“I have been watching Bobby play ball since he was a little guy, and I have attended many OU football games over the last four years,” Fracassa said. “I knew what kind of leader I was getting out of Bobby, and that was a key reason why I took this job.”

Senior Brett Jacobs, who is not only Saad’s teammate, but also one of his best friends, has played with Saad for four seasons now. Jacobs had high praise for his long-time teammate and friend.

“In the four years I have known Bobby, he can only be described in one word, legend,” Jacobs said. “He has an aura around him. Heck as a freshman in 2014, he was named a team captain, and he has withstood the test of time.”

While Saad has multiple favorite memories throughout his football career, from Pop Warner all the way through college, he said nothing comes close to his two national championship victories with OU in 2014 and 2016.

“It is a great feeling to be a part of a process with a great group of guys and know that all of the sprints, long hot practices and weight room reps paid off in the best way possible,” Saad said. “The thought of just experiencing a moment like that with some of the best people I will ever meet still brings a smile to my face.”

With so many accomplishments during Saad’s career at OU, there is not much left for Saad to accomplish, but he knows he isn’t done yet.

“I want to bring that national championship trophy back to Rochester,” Saad said. “I can’t think of a better way to end my career than winning another national title.”