Local institutions sign articulation agreement

Trevor Tyle, Life Editor

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Oakland University and its partner schools—Oakland Community College and Macomb Community College—have signed individual articulation agreements to help transferring business students.

These articulation agreements will be in effect through July 31, 2021. After their first three years, the agreements will be subject to review for continuation.

Although the limit on transfer credits from partner schools was initially 64, the new agreement states that OU can now allow up to 82 transfer credits to go toward a bachelor’s degree.

“These articulation agreements will help ensure clear communication among all three schools, making degree paths more straightforward and achievable,” said Oakland University Director of Undergraduate Admissions Dawn Aubry in a press release. “There will be increased efforts placed on course equivalencies that create far less need for re-taking of core or elective classes. That way, students can take advantage of the benefits offered by each school as they make progress toward graduation with both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree.”

The agreements will allow students to only pay for classes they need to take. Students interested in a four-year degree will have their entire plan laid out for them when they enroll at OCC or MCC.

“Collaboration among colleges and universities amplifies the strengths of each institution while leveraging resources and impact for our students and communities,” said MCC Dean of University Relations Kevin Chandler in the aforementioned press release. “Streamlining the path from associate to bachelor’s degree in business supports degree completion, positions our students for in-demand career opportunities, develops vital talent to sustain and grow local business and industry, and contributes to regional economic prosperity.”

The current focus of the articulation agreements is business and will benefit students working toward bachelor’s degrees in accounting, finance, business economics, general management, human resources management, marketing, operations management and management information systems. According to Aubry, OU will continue to work with OCC and MCC in hopes of extending the articulation agreements to more majors and programs in the future.

“It is not business as usual to have three higher education institutions working collaboratively in this highly competitive environment,” said OCC Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Cathey Maze in the same press release. “Today’s signing is the culmination of work by all three institutions to facilitate a seamless transfer for our business students so they may pursue a bachelor’s degree. By coming together and empowering our students in this way, we provide a pathway to greater achievement in our commitment to excellence in education, student success and economic growth of our region.”

Transfer students from MCC and OCC currently make up the largest number of students who transfer to OU—last year, they made up 55.7 percent of all incoming transfer students and maintained a 3.2 grade point average.

In addition to the new articulation agreements, OU also offers a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program for all high school and community college students, including those at MCC and OCC, which allows them to secure a place at OU.

For more information about transferring to OU, visit the Undergraduate Admissions website or email [email protected].