Police Files: September 5, 2018

Ben Hume, Staff Reporter

The Greaser’s Big Heist

On Jan. 2, 2018, the father of an OU student was caught exiting the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in the Oakland Center with more goods than he purchased. Clad in a black jacket with slicked back hair, the perpetrator had multiple books and articles of clothing on him that were new and unpaid for.

After an officer caught up with the greaser’s vehicle, they found nearly $1,000 worth of merchandise. Three of the books stolen made up $700, with water bottles and hoodies taking up the remaining amount. The only books included were a stats book, an anatomy book and a Spanish book. At the end of the day, the stolen items were confiscated and the father was charged with second-degree retail fraud.

Case of the Skilled Ohio Driver

On Aug. 20, 2018, a Honda Accord with an Ohio license plate rolled onto its front windshield just outside the golf course. When first responders arrived at the scene, there was no one in the car, with a small amount of blood on the inside of the cabin.

Police searched the nearby woods, only for the driver in question to return to the scene 15 minutes later. He claimed that he had looked down at his phone and crashed, not knowing how the car had ended up on its roof. It truly is a mystery, considering the speed limit in the area must be no faster than 25 miles an hour.

The driver refused medical care, despite the extremely precarious position of his vehicle. After taking a breathalyzer test and sobriety tests, he was found to be sober.