Soccer stays busy over summer

By Jimmy Halmhuber

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There’s not much of a summer vacation for Oakland University soccer players. They spend the summer not only preparing for the upcoming season, but also helping others learn the game as well.

In the offseason, some players play for semi-pro clubs ranging from Michigan to Canada and even England to stay fit. 

Some teams that Oakland players play on are the Des Moines Menace, Lansing United, Michigan Stars Windsor Stars, Oakland United Football Club and Detroit City Football Club.

Players can join any team they choose, but there is a rule that there can’t be more than five players from Oakland on the same semi-pro team.

For men, the teams are mostly in the Premier Development League (PDL), National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) Great Lakes Premier League (GLPL) and the Ontario League 1.

On the women’s side, the teams are in the W-League, Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) and League 1 Ontario.  

“It is a good way to be fit instead of running five miles, there is a physical aspect. The benefit is to make decisions and to feel sharp,” women’s coach Margaret Saurin said.

Men’s coach Eric Pogue agreed with Saurin.

“We like each of our players to be playing high level summer soccer either in the PDL, NPSL, GLPL, Ontario League 1, men’s league or some combination of these.”

The soccer teams will definitely be keeping busy this summer, not only working to remain in shape, but teaching kids the game as well. 

There are four camps over the summer for kids. Late-June through July, Oakland provides camps for all different age groups and skill levels. The players and coaches teach the kids skills and scrimmage against each other.