MERS outbreak at an all time high

Sélah Fischer

It seems every few years there happens to be a new sickness that frightens the world, and now we are facing another.

Thinking back to things such as MRSA and Ebola, these virus’s and infections had everyone talking and frantically worrying that they would catch them. Now, there is the deadly MERS outbreak to worry about.

MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) is said to have likely came from an animal source, but doctors are still not 100 percent certain. The rising number of MERS cases started last month when a businessman returned home to South Korea after traveling to the Middle East.

The virus is spread through respiratory secretions such as coughing. Coming in close contact with a person who has the virus could be deadly.

The outbreak hit South Korea hard recently having the most cases except for Saudi Arabia. Fears of the economic impact it will have are at an all time high. Over 2,300 people have been quarantined in South Korea along with 1,800 schools closed, according to CNN. 87 people have received the virus and six have unfortunately been killed from it.

The outbreak is being closely monitored globally. Those travelling internationally are not encouraged to change their travel plans either.