Extinction on the rise

Sélah Fischer

Another extinction may be on the rise and humans are to blame.

When the dinosaurs left our Earth 65 million years ago it was considered Earth’s fifth mass extinction. Now, it is believed that a sixth mass extinction may soon occur.

The past five extinctions were caused by natural disasters, but researchers say things such as environmental changes, hunting, overfishing, and global warming are causing the extinction.

The passenger pigeon, golden toad, javan tiger and the baiji river dolphin are only a few of the many animals that have recently become extinct, according to listverse.com. Researchers are afraid that about 75 percent of the world’s species could be history within the next two generations, according to CNN.

Although it is said that extinction is a natural part of life, the fact that this time it is being caused by humans makes the situation much worse. The rates of species being lost is about 1,000 to 10,000 times faster than if they were to be taken out by natural causes. However, there is still hope.

There are things we can still do to help slow down the extinction rate and save our planet. These include things such as never buying products made from endangered species and eating less meat.