The Best Trends of Summer 2018: Fun, laughs and fannypacks

Alexa Caccamo, Copy Editor

With school and the fall season slowly approaching, students sadly have to say goodbye to summer 2018.

Summer is the season where we have the time of our lives. Pretty soon, we must say farewell to concerts, parties, trips to the beach, road trips, not stressing over homework and finals, and the never-ending freedom from our responsibilities at OU.

But it is not just BBQs and parties that make this season amazing, for there is one aspect of summer that everyone seems to forget about—fashion.

Summer 2018 debuted some of the most amazing trends. This season introduced new styles to the sales floor while bringing back fads from the past, making it difficult to leave them behind. From clothing to accessories, retailers brought in unique styles that made every girl’s summer more memorable.


Mules (the shoe, not the animal) were very popular this season. Mules are similar to loafers and flats but have no back and with a short, block heel. These shoes were a summer go-to. You could slip mules on with any outfit of your choice and still look amazing. This style of shoe is so popular that stores such as Madewell and Nordstrom are continuing the trend by adding them to their fall collection.

Straw Bags

It may sound crazy, but straw bags were huge this season. Who knew that straw could be stylish? Everywhere you went, you would see a girl with a straw bag in her hand. Even top designer brands such as Gucci and Prada designed their own wicker bags for their collection. They were practical, elegant, chic and came in a lot of different sizes and shapes. These bags made brunches on the patio, shopping, vacations and concerts a lot more fun.

Denim Skirts

Denim skirts definitely made a comeback this year. Skirts are the cutest, most comfortable article of clothing that you could add to your outfit ensemble. You can pair a jean skirt with anything: sneakers, wedges, T-shirts, wrap tops, off-the-shoulder tops and much more. This summer has been painfully hot, and a denim skirt was a good staple to stay cool and more importantly, fashion-forward.

Fruit Print Clothing & Accessories

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and clothing. Lemon and fruit-printed clothing was another piece that made the summer 2018 attire even more special. Fruit was not only used for clothing but accessories. Let’s just say that fruit made summer a little “sweeter” this year.

Fanny Packs

Remember watching famous 90s’ shows where the cast members wore fanny packs? Remember when we used to think they were ugly and made fun of people who had them? Fast forward to 2018, and they’re a hit. These grandma-style pouches were all over everyone’s Instagram feed, whether they were at Coachella, Electric Forest or any other music festival that draws in massive crowds of hipsters.

Funky Sunglasses

We couldn’t have had fun in the sun if it weren’t for funky sunglasses. What I mean by “funky” is extreme cat eye, oval, half moon and aviators with different colored lenses. With stores like Urban Outfitters and Free People selling this accessory for up to $20, it’s no wonder why they were marketed so much. These ‘70s-style sunglasses put the boho in boho chic and made our outfits look not only fashionable but authentic.  

Summer may be the most underrated season when it comes to the style, but these trends have helped it make a statement. Thank you, summer 2018, for the memories, freedom and more importantly, fashion.