British Boy joins ISIS

It’s not exactly a shock that Islamic State (ISIS) once again has hurt families around the world through their horrifying media propaganda.

ISIS has recently released a photo of Talha Asmal, a 17-year-old British boy smiling in front of an ISIS flag. The family of the boy was devastated after viewing the photo, but not as devastated as they were after the most recent news that believes Asmal may have died fighting with the group.

The terror group leaked a photo of a boy sitting in a vehicle filled with explosives while in Iraq. The boy is believed to be Asmal, as family members say the images appear to be him. Although the death of Asmal is not completely confirmed, it would make him Britain’s youngest suicide bomber.

It is uncertain how exactly ISIS got the boy who’s family says was always loving and caring to join their extremist group. It is believed that ISIS targeted the boys’ naivety and persuaded him out of terror, but the truth is still unknown.