In the spotlight- Krysteena Davis

Zac Grasl, Staff Intern

Krysteena Davis is everything you want in a team leader. She puts in work in the weight room to get stronger, she works hard in the classroom, she is the vocal leader of the team, and she leads by example. All of these qualities are why Davis has become one of the top volleyball players in the Horizon League.

In the 2016 season, redshirt sophomore Davis broke the school program’s record for most blocks in a single season (143), along with most block assists in a single season (133). Those 143 blocks also helped Davis gain fourth place in the Horizon League in total blocks.

As a middle hitter, her first responsibility is to be a great blocker.  She has to process the opponents offense, read the setter, and ultimately make great decisions about where to go,” head coach Rob Beam said. “She also has to play with great energy and effort.  Her position is physically demanding and being determined to make a difference is key.”

Playing volleyball since seventh grade, Davis has had her fair share of people who have made an impact on her volleyball career, but there is one person in particular Davis gives a lot of credit to: Eric Lindstrom.

“Eric has made the biggest impact on my volleyball career. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be half the player I am today. He works with the middles on our team and knows a lot about the game from years of experience,” Davis said. “I would also say that my dad has impacted me a lot as an athlete. He was an All-American basketball player at Calvin College and taught me the importance of working hard and always chasing after my dreams.”

Since coming to Oakland University as a freshman, Davis has looked up to assistant head coach and former OU volleyball player Sammy Condon.

“I try to imitate successful players that have the same strengths as me,” Davis said. “Sammy is someone I look up to because during her playing days, she was so quick on the court and she was one of the best middle hitters in the Horizon League.”

Sometimes when a college student-athlete becomes a starter on the team, their drive to gt better decreases, but not for Davis. When she was named the starter in 2016 and broke those single season records, she didn’t want that to be her greatest accomplishment. She wanted to get better.

Krysteena is an extremely hard worker,” Beam said “Her dedication and discipline to become one of the best in the country has been inspiring to everyone in our program,”

During the 2017 season, Davis broke her own season season records in total blocks (161), block assists (148), and set the record for most blocks per set in a single season (1.42). And due to her exceptional play during the 2017 season, she was named to the Horizon League Honorable Mention team.

“Krysteena has become a strong leader for our program in the example that she has set.  She has worked hard on every aspect of a student-athlete’s career here,” Beam said. “From the weight room, to nutrition, in the classroom, and on the court she has improved and set the tone.”