Motors Club hosts Moonlight Motors Meet

Last Friday, the Motors Club of Oakland University held its Moonlight Motors Meet in the P32 parking garage, overtaking the car park with some of the most unique vehicles OU students have to offer.

However, the Moonlight Meet had to be called off around 9 p.m. due to reckless behavior from some of the guests. The meeting was one of the largest the Motors Club has had so far with around 300-400 cars on show, around half being owned by Oakland students.

“We’ve stressed for over two years now what proper meet etiquette and campus behavior should be like,” club Vice President Taseen Syed said after the meeting. “We’ve never had incidents outside of the occasional revving which is taken care of through a simple warning. There were several people who were being rowdy and they were all not OU students. I can say that with certainty because we know close to all of the OU students.”

Syed said the Motors Club would be keeping all future meets limited to Oakland and Oakland Community College students only.

The Motors Club aims to be a group where automotive fans can show off their rides and socialize, whether they bring a track-ready Subaru or daily-driven Chevrolet. The club is also open to all types of motorized vehicles, including trucks and motorcycles.

One thing that sets the club apart from others in the “lower Michigan area” is the outgoing nature of its members.

“The people go out of their way to meet you and introduce themselves, it’s more community based than just ‘come here and show off your car,’” Syed said. “You come here, you make connections. I’ll be quite frank, my first two years at OU I didn’t really take the time to get involved, I didn’t really make a few friends outside of a few people in my accounting major. Coming into this club definitely broadened my horizons.”

The club was founded back in 2015 when three OU students met at the Woodward Dream Cruise and set up the club’s Facebook page. When they came back to OU, the students began “carding,” or left business cards on cars around campus that would be “most likely to join the club.” Around that time, Syed got involved and helped get the club sponsored by OU.

The club has a reputation with its members for helping each other when it comes to vehicle problems, as Syed explained. “We’ve had one of our members whose car constantly broke down – a lot of the times on campus – and we gave the nickname ‘The MCOU Rescue Squad’ because as soon as [the member] would say ‘guys I’m stuck in a parking lot I need help’, five to ten guys would message him ‘What do you need? Where are you? I’ll be there in five minutes.’ It’s a community more so than just a student org.”

The Motors Club typically meets once a month, with the dates and locations being posted onto the club’s MCOU Facebook page or GrizzOrgs page.