World News: Obama visits Ethiopia

Sélah Fischer

President Obama recently visited Ethiopia on Sunday, making him the first U.S president to visit the country.

Obama and Hailemariam Desalegn, the Ethiopian prime minister came together and addressed terrorism, security issues and human rights.

The meeting between the two shed light on the African country’s value to combat Islamic extremism. Desalegn feels that since the country has been forgotten about for so long, Obama’s visit will bring attention back to the country. According to USA Today, he feels that the visit will show people the country is safe to invest and trade with.

Since Ethiopia’s economy is growing, trade is definitely an issue discussed between the president and the prime minister. However terror threats toward Africa are an even bigger issue that needs to be dealt with.

Al-Shabab is an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group that has made deadly attacks on both Somalia and Kenya. Since these two countries are neighbors to Ethiopia, Obama will most likely encourage Ethiopia to pressure them.

Things are happening fast with the numerous terror attacks in the Middle East and now that Al- Shabab is acting out quickly in Africa, Obama knows that he too must act fast.