Police Files April 11, 2018

An ear to the door

Oakland University Police Department officers were dispatched to Oak View Hall on March 10 at 12:15 a.m. regarding possible minors in possession. Upon arrival, an officer placed their ear to the door and heard voices inside. They knocked and were allowed entry by one of the residents, immediately smelling alcohol. The officer asked if they had been drinking and they all replied “yes.” The officer asked where it was, and the residents compiled the intoxicants in the middle of the floor. The alcohol was dumped and no further action was taken.

“I know where you stay”

A dispatcher received a non-emergency call on March 8, 2018 from an individual who said she was an Oakland University alumni, saying that she had received a voicemail message on her phone the day prior. The message was a male voice whispering “I know where you stay,” then hanging up. OUPD ran a search on the phone number, and it came back to Oakland University Alumni Association on the “isupportou” webpage. OUPD spoke with the supervisor of the OU alum telefund of the incident, who stated that she believed that the message was unintentional since operators are instructed to not leave messages and often chat with each other between calls- and that she would conduct training sessions for the operators to ensure the incident didn’t happen again.

Hallway hash-out

OUPD dispatch sent officers to Oak View Hall to investigate a reported assault on March 21, 2018 at 12:30 a.m. The caller had recently had an altercation with a male and his current girlfriend. The two females had begun arguing, the caller claiming that the male had been trying to “get with her.” The two argued in the hallway before the male approached her, at which time the caller shoved him away. She told officers that she had felt threatened, but decided that she did not want to press charges against him.