Faculty and students to be recognized in “Authors at Oakland” event

Ariel Themm, Staff Reporter

The Senate Library Committee and the University Libraries are celebrating Oakland University faculty who have published their works during “Authors at Oakland,” which will take place on Wednesday, March 14 on the fourth floor of Kresge Library at 2:00 p.m.

Dominique Daniel, associate professor of University Libraries, and Caryn Wells, associate professor of educational leadership, will be presenting and recognized at the event. This year will be representing their work published in books, with Daniel focusing on “Oakland University” and Wells presenting “Mindfulness: How School Leaders Can Reduce Stress and Thrive on the Job.”

The original theme of the event focused on “The Celebration of the Book” but eventually began to branch out and alternate years were dedicated to “The Celebration of the Journal.” The two works presented at the event also receive honors and their works are displayed.

“This is the thirteenth year we’ll be putting on this event,” said Steve Weiter, dean of University Libraries. “Every other year, we try to switch it up and focus on faculty scholarship represented in a variety of scholarly works, like journal articles. What I mean by ‘scholarship’ is to learn something through research and express it through writings. It can apply to any kind of discipline area, like political science. We are here to celebrate their work in all types of journals, whether it be open or hybrid.”

Open journal articles require no subscription fees for readers, while hybrid journal articles are a combination of open and subscription. Hybrids have recently risen in popularity, but for this event, there will be a focus specifically on scholarly resources.

Approximately 131 works were submitted to be reviewed by the Senate Library Committee, but only two will present. Additionally, OU students will be awarded with the Frank Lepkowski Undergraduate Research in Writing Award, which is funded by the OU Credit Union.

This award will give the first place winner, Alex Currington, $1,500, while second place winner Gabrielle Schwartz will receive a sum of $1,000. The award has been given out every academic year since 2014. It is given to students who are skilled in proper writing skills with undergraduate research in analyzing, synthesizing and integrating old and new information into their piece.

“I really enjoy this event because I’ve been with this event from the very beginning but also that faculty will come together and celebrate each other and people get recognized for their hard work and accomplishments in this area,” said Katherine Borg, executive secretary at University Libraries. “I love that we’re adding in the reward honor for the students because, like the faculty work, students should be also be praised for their work.”

Dean Weiter will open the event and introduce each speaker. Assistant Professor Joanna Thielen will present the Frank Lepkowski award. After each speaker, the audience will be allowed to ask questions about their specific work area. Food will be provided at the event, which is open for both students and faculty to attend.

For further information, contact Katherine Borg at [email protected].