Police Files March 14, 2018

Telephone troubles

Oakland University Police Department dispatch received a call on Jan. 19 at 5:50 p.m. from a desk employee at O’Dowd Hall concerning a harassing telephone call. The employee had been sitting at her desk and answered a call from a blocked number. The individual was a middle-aged male. He asked her name and began to describe sexual situations with her, telling her several times that he was going to rape her. When an officer arrived, the woman was locked in her office with the blinds closed, distraught and on the phone with her husband. She was the second person that day to receive such a phone call and the third that week. The officer escorted her to her vehicle and cleared the scene. She was advised to contact OUPD of any further calls.

Counterfeit $50

An officer was dispatched to N. Foundation Hall on Jan. 25 upon a report of counterfeit currency. A student had attempted to pay for his tuition in cash, and one of the $50 bills had been flagged as counterfeit. The student was a waiter and had exchanged his tips for the bill the previous day, not knowing, obviously, that it was counterfeit. He was given a report number and thanked for his cooperation.

A cellphone on I-75

An officer was dispatched on April 7, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. to take a report from an individual who had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. The two had been arguing in their dorm when he asked her to come outside and talk, having heard that she had been cheating on him. He took her phone and stomped on it, then the two, still arguing, got into his car and began driving. He threw the phone out on the NB I-75 ramp and they drove for several hours. He dropped her off at a McDonalds in Flint at 7:00 p.m. She was driven home by her mother and made plans to get a PPO against him.