Two is better than one: Horne twins ready for senior year

They pull your hair, take your allowance and make you do the dishes — yes, we are talking about siblings.

As much as siblings disagree and fight, in the end they will always be there for each other. However, the Horne sisters, twins Brianne and Jamie, don’t have the typical sibling chemistry. 

As a fullback and center field for the Oakland women’s soccer team, Brianne and Jamie have played on the same soccer team their entire lives, with the exception of one year when they were 13.

“We both really wanted to go to college to play soccer,” Brianne said. “We were prepared to go to different [colleges] because we never thought we would have the opportunity to play for the same college. But then the opportunity to come to Oakland came about and we both agreed to take it.”

According to the twins, their parents and older sister were extremely supportive and caring throughout the entire ordeal.

The Horne household did experience stress due to the fact that the twins that had done everything together for the past 18 years could potentially be going to different schools.

“The whole process was extremely exciting for both of us,” Jamie explained. “It has literally been our dream since we were about 14 years old to be able to play soccer at the college level, and to get recruited to a school like Oakland University was absolutely amazing.”

Head coach Margaret Saurin said this year’s team is looking very strong with 10 new additions to the lineup and Brianne and Jamie will be key assets.

“Bri and Jamie have a lot of experience and I believe that will be what helps them and us to have a great season.  Bri will help take care of our back line and the left side of the field and Jaime will help our midfield move the ball and create goal scoring opportunities,” Saurin said.

“You won’t hear them yelling and they won’t be the loudest players in the locker room, but everyone listens when they speak because they are respected members of the team. They are both very reliable players.  I believe everyone on the team trusts that they are going to bring their best in every game.”

Saurin also complimented the girls’ tireless work ethic, adding that they are self-motivated, but also push each other to do their best.

“They are often times the last ones running because of their work ethic and probably because they want to beat one another,” Saurin said.

Contrary to Saurin’s belief, the Horne twins said they aren’t competitive with each other on the field.

“Me and Brianne are pretty competitive in a lot of aspects of our lives but soccer is not really one of them,” Jamie explained.

“We play different positions and we have always played on the same team so we haven’t really had to compete against each other in that aspect, but when put up against Brianne in a one versus one situation, we will both fight to the end.”

With graduation on the horizon for the Horne twins, there is yet another field of similarity: their degree. Both are graduating with a major in health science and a concentration in pre-health profession.

However, a degree is not the only thing they are walking away from Oakland with. All the fond memories on the field and the lessons taught will stay with them forever.

“I don’t think I could pick out one [fondest memory] of my sister,” Brianne said.  “We’ve had so many amazing experiences together.  But probably the best experience was playing here at Oakland.  It has been a dream come true and I’m glad I had the opportunity to share it with my best friend.”