Men’s basketball: Buckets and bars

The men’s basketball minutes leaders as rappers

Michael Pearce, Staff Reporter

Every rapper is unique. Whether it be a signature line or signature style, there is something special about every rap artist. The same goes for the men’s basketball team.

Six Golden Grizzlies have played over 500 minutes this season through 26 games. Here are the rappers those six best resemble.

Brailen Neely as Quavo

Quavo is a rapper who can take over a song or dish out some heat as a feature artist on a hook. He has a great all around rap game.

The assists leader on the team, Brailen Neely, can dish it out with the best of them and drop points in with ease as well. A multi-talented player with the ability to set up his teammates, just as Quavo sets his fellow artists up when he features.

A Quavo lyric that describes Neely is, “You might think I’m too aggressive / But really I think I’m too passive.”

For the record, we Golden Grizzly fans enjoy the smooth handles and aggressive play. Stay aggressive Brailen, do not listen to the haters.

Isaiah Brock as Jay-Z

Jay-Z has been killing the game forever, and when everyone counted him out, he dropped “4:44,” showing the world he still has it. Jay-Z is a leader in the rap game.

A self made man, works hard at what he does, and consistently is at peak performance. Sound familiar?

Isaiah Brock is always a central force of the team. When everyone counted him out, he gained his eligibility and averages 7.6 rebounds per game and almost three blocks per game.

A Jay-Z lyric that describes Brock is, “(Ball so hard) This s*** weird / We ain’t even s’posed to be here / (Ball so hard) Since we here it’s only right that we’d be fair.

It is fair to say Brock is a force on the low block.

Jalen Hayes as Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane came back stronger than ever after his prison bid, dropping hits like “I Get the Bag” and “Met Gala.” Gucci’s flow is effortless, and he’s always on point.

After a grades-related fiasco, Jalen Hayes was unfairly forced to sit out four games in the NCAA’s version of prison. Since then, he has come back with a vengeance, averaging 19 points per game and eight rebounds a game.

A Gucci Mane lyric that describes Hayes is, “Fresh out the feds in this mothaf**** / And they still ain’t ready yet for a mothaf****.”

#FreeJalen and #FreeGucci both resulted in some major comebacks.

Nick Daniels as Lil’ Yachty

Fast, fun, fire. These three F’s describe Lil’ Yachty’s rap game. On “From the D to the A” he spits absolute fire, on “Night Call” he’s more low key and fun.

Yachty is also a goofy guy. On “Peek a boo” he made a mistake saying “she blow that **** like a cello.” Because he thought a cello was what “Squidward played.” That’s a clarinet, Yachty.

When we see Nick Daniels dancing during shootaround, it’s not hard to think of the fun-loving and talented Lil’ Yachty. Daniels is the type of player that will drain a 3-pointer in transition, then hit the folks during the timeout the other team takes.

A Lil’ Yachty lyric that describes Daniels is, “I got gold all on my necklace, tatted up my arms / Now my mama think I’m reckless.”

Every team needs a fun guy like Daniels, and the rap game needs the fun rappers like Lil’ Yachty.

Martez Walker as 21 Savage

21 Savage is famous for his phrase, “Issa Knife.” He’s a straight-faced, fire spitting, chart-topping rapper who can body any beat.

21 Savage deals with knives, while Martez Walker deals with long range daggers. They might as well rename the four point play “the Martez Walker” after dropping back-to-back four-pointers on Michigan State University.

He is explosive and deadly. Just like 21 Savage embodies beats, Walker embodies defenses with his long range jumper and 17.6 points per game.

A 21 Savage lyric that describes Walker is, “So many shots the neighbor looked at the calendar / Thought it was Fourth of July.”

Martez puts up a different, less fatal kind of shot than 21 Savage does of course, even though his threes are quite deadly for the opponent.

Kendrick Nunn as Kendrick Lamar

This one is obvious. Not just by the name, but by the pure dominance Kendrick Lamar and Kendrick Nunn both exemplify.

Kendrick Lamar is the best in the game right now, and absolutely carries any song he chooses. The second leading scorer in the NCAA with 26 points per game, Nunn runs the game. Do not mess with either Kendrick, or you will be exposed.

A Kendrick lyric that describes Nunn is, “B****, where you when I was walkin’? / Now I run the game, got the whole world talkin’.”

The whole world BETTER be talking about Nunn.