The Mix: Clock towers


Last week, it was announced that the Elliot Tower won “The Michigan Plaque” award.

Last week, it was announced that the Elliot Tower won “The Michigan Plaque” award from the Keep Michigan Beautiful (KMB) foundation. The tower, which was donated to the university by long-time Oakland supporters Hugh and Nancy Elliot, was officially completed and dedicated on Sept. 19, 2014.  

Since its completion, the Elliot Tower has become a trademark of Oakland’s campus. It’s no surprise it’s being recognized for its beauty, either.

Standing 151-feet tall, it can be seen and heard from miles away and it’s the perfect accessory to a sunrise, sunset or mid-afternoon day. 

Here are five other clock towers located on university campuses throughout the country that surpass the 150-foot mark.

1. The Purdue Bell Tower at Purdue University: The 160-foot-tall landmark was completed in 1995. What makes this particular tower unique is that there’s a time capsule located at its base that isn’t set to be open until the year 2095.

2. The McGraw Tower at Cornell University: The tower located on the campus in New York has been standing 173-feet tall since 1891.

3. Memorial Tower at Louisiana State University: Officially dedicated in 1926, the 175-foot clock tower sits in the middle of LSU’s campus and is a memorial to Louisiana natives who lost their lives in World War I.

4. The Main Building at the University of Texas: This tower is not one, not two, but 307-feet tall, making it one of the highest buildings in the city of Austin.

5. Sather Tower at UC Berkley: Also standing 307-feet tall, the tower located on the California campus has 61 bells located inside of it that ring out for all to hear.