The HUB Stadium offers more than just ‘bombbowling’

Cheyanne Kramer, Managing Editor

Nestled just behind the Wendy’s and Tim Hortons right off the Bear Bus  route is an interesting place. The HUB Stadium may be hard to interpret at first — it looks almost like a hunting lodge from the outside.

Once you walk in, you’re greeted with a coat check and a bar. Interesting enough. Venture further into the establishment and you see people to your right throwing axes as a wooden target, and further into the building you see people throwing footballs at bowling pins.

Welcome to The HUB Stadium.

The HUB opened just over a year ago, and this past fall it unveiled it’s newest entertainment option: axe throwing. Pay $80 for a reserved lane, per lane per hour, or pay $18 to join in free play all day, and have one of the coaches teach you the proper technique to throw an axe at a wooden target.

Yes, there’s coaches. I desperately needed one, as I completely sucked at it.

According to the staff at The HUB, these wooden targets need to be changed once about every five days.

There’s also “bombbowling,” which apparently has official rules listed on the bars near the actual lanes. However, when my friends and I played, we just decided to make up our own rules. It was fun either way. It’s a little chaotic, but if you can throw a football, it’s a lot of fun.

Though the $80 price tag may seem daunting to some, the cost isn’t that high if you go with a group. This price remains for any groups up to 10 people, so technically, you and all 9 of your best friends can rent a lane for $8 each per hour, which isn’t too bad.

There’s two different bars, one in the front of the establishment, and one in the back, with bartenders on the ready to make you a favorite mixed drink to go along with your axe throwing session.

Keep in mind though — intoxication is not allowed. And if the coaches suspect you may be a danger to other players, they will ask you to leave.

There’s also two different party rooms in the back of the building, one which can seat up to 60, the other can seat up to 150, making it an ideal place for a night out with friends.

Michaelena Vassallo with sales and development at The HUB said the Auburn Hills location is the first place in Michigan to offer axe throwing.

“We want more engagement with Oakland,” she said.

Currently, The HUB is featured on the Oakland University website for it’s 15 percent off food and beverage discount offered to OU students all day, every day.

The HUB is also the host of an Oakland University fundraiser on Feb. 10. The Bear Bus will be bringing students to The HUB that evening, according to Vassallo.

For more information on pricing and food options, check out The Hub Stadium at their website.