The term ‘millennial’ is an insult

With today’s technology and social media, the fact is clear: you cannot be unaware anymore. This includes, but is not limited to, pop culture, memes, global events, rising social conflicts, the weather, cat videos and so on and so forth.

Some of you probably know those people that scoff at the fact you spend hours on your phone; they twirl their mustache and declare that this generation is becoming ass backwards. 

Or worse, you have to suffer through the tirade of technophobic babble that the nearest baby-boomer is spouting about. Their inability to simply Google something still baffles me today, in 2015, where looking something up has never been easier. Yet Susan is still asking her friends on Facebook for directions to Olive Garden.

I’m sick and tired of people, specifically the older generation, talking down to me about why the young adults in my generation are horrible or how we are not doing anything right. 

The fact that our smartphones are seen as hindering, and because we are more socially aware makes it more difficult for them to connect with us. 

Next time you hear Ellis waiting in line at Starbucks complaining about how kids these days are so lazy, don’t be afraid to drop some hot truth on her. The fact is, Generations X,Y,Z and younger are some of the hardest working people living right now. 

A typical college student who is receiving financial help from their school and the government is also  working one, maybe two, but most likely three jobs to make ends meet.  

I get to hear about how entitled my friends are for not moving out of their parents home, but in reality, Harold and his buddies sank the housing market and now it has become too difficult to move out after college. 

What I’m trying to get at is this: stand up for our generation. Do not just sit there and let any 60-year-old complain about how our work ethic is nothing like theirs was. Times have changed! 

I am proud to be where I’m at in life and you be should too. Stick up for using your smartphone to help take notes in class, defend your choice to move back home in order to save some money. 

Never give those who don’t understand us millennials the satisfaction of thinking they are right, because they aren’t. They haven’t walked a mile  in our shoes. We will continue to work hard and make differences in this world and clean up the mess they made.