SATIRE: Student rethinks college career after answering wrong during class

No person on Earth can escape the grasp of humiliation once it takes its hold, and it is a grip that Ernest Hamilton has become all too familiar with over the past few days.

It was a cold day at Oakland University, a day like any other for Hamilton as he headed to his 9:20 a.m. Shakespeare class.

“You wake up in the morning and you think everything is going to be fine, that it’s just going to be a normal day,” Hamilton said, the recollection bringing tears to his eyes. “You don’t know what day your life is going to end.”

That day, Hamilton’s class was discussing “Macbeth”. Students were in a heated debate about whether Lady Macbeth or Macbeth was the true villain of the story when Hamilton brought up that Lady Macbeth didn’t seem to be at fault at all.

“As soon as I said it, I realized my mistake,” he recalled.

Student after student, comment after comment were leveled at Hamilton’s exclamation, as he got to watch his life crumble before him. He thought of a point that could help defend his argument and tried to speak, but another student, Timothy Brentwood, refuted his idea before Hamilton could get a word out.

“You mean that weirdo from the Shakespeare class?” Brentwood said, following a question about Hamilton and the day in question. “He still goes here? I thought he would’ve dropped out at this point.”

Now, Hamilton is working so this mistake will not haunt any other students by forming a support group for students that endure embarrassment in class.

“No longer will simple mistakes like this or tripping in front of the class make students regret their choice to come to college,” Hamilton said. “My dream is that one day we can rid this nation of this social embarrassment.”