Emmy-nominated show takes a look at men’s basketball

Katie LaDuke, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, Jan. 17, Fox Sports Detroit aired the second 2017-18 season episode of The Oakland All-Access Show. The first episode of the Emmy nominated show’s new season aired Thursday, Dec. 21.

“It’s been something that’s been really good,” Oakland men’s basketball Head Coach Greg Kampe said. “We get a lot of positive feedback on opening up a window to our program. I think it’s just been a really positive thing for both the fans and our program.”

The Oakland All-Access show was first formed during the 2012-13 season to give an inside look at Oakland basketball and Oakland Athletics. Each season series runs four episodes that are around 27 minutes long.

To start the first episode for the 2017-18 season, Kampe along with Oakland broadcaster Neal Ruhl introduce the team and the coaching staff.

The four seniors are presented, and the viewers get an in-depth look at the personalities, work ethic and backstories of Martez Walker, Jalen Hayes, Nick Daniels and Kendrick Nunn. Daniels’ young daughter even gets screen time.

“The great thing about it is their personalities really come through on camera,” Ruhl said.

With many clips from past games, this first episode was mainly an introduction to the new season and how the team is still after a championship.

However, the second half of the episode was dedicated to former Oakland Athletic Trainer Tom Ford. Athletes and coaches got a chance to share how Ford impacted their lives and how he helped create the family atmosphere within Athletics before his ALS diagnosis.

“You have to really dig deeper and find the stories,” Kampe said. “Otherwise, it’ll become the same thing over and over.”

The second episode began with a focus on the growing brand of Oakland Athletics and the national exposure the program has been garnering. Multiple sports were featured including cross country, women’s basketball and volleyball.

Women’s basketball Head Coach Jeff Tungate was shown talking about how the exposure from more ESPN coverage aids the recruiting process. The women’s team alone has players coming from California, Georgia, Ohio and Canada.

“I think now it’s to the point where people have already heard of Oakland,” Tungate said in the All-Access broadcast. “Usually when you make that first phone call, you try to explain where Oakland is located and what Oakland is about.”

Current athletes of different sports are also getting recognition due to the national exposure. Darien Bandel of Oakland volleyball explained during the second episode that her and two other teammates were recognized by athletes from across the country at tryouts for the national team.

The broadcast also showcased the men’s basketball game between Oakland and Michigan State University at Little Caesars Arena on Jan. 15.

“I think the important thing [the episodes] show is our family, who we are, what we value and what we’re trying to accomplish more than just winning basketball games,” Kampe said.

With the midpoint in the season approaching, the second half of the episode took a look at the men’s progress so far. Nunn along with the other seniors’ leadership was analyzed, and then the roles of the younger players were highlighted.

To conclude the second episode of the season, Fox Sports Detroit exhibited the rivalry game against Northern Kentucky University and how men’s basketball is learning through their failure and losses.

“It’s great for university branding, and it’s also great to be able to reach the common sports fan in the Detroit area as we continue to try to carve our space in the Detroit sports scene,” Ruhl said. “Detroit is one of the best sports cities in America, and I enjoy seeing how far we have come in doing that.”