Police Files 9/30

Larceny in Kresge Library

            On Sept. 10, OUPD was notified of a larceny that happened in the Suzanne O. Frankie Café in Kresge library. An employee at the café reported seeing a former Chartwells employee who is no longer allowed in Chartwells businesses enter the café. The former employee was seen trying to prompt an employee to pretend to swipe his credit card so that he could steal a juice. When the employee refused, he walked out of the establishment with a bottle of what is believed to be apple juice.

Minor in possession of alcohol by O’Dowd

            On Sept. 11 OUPD officers were called to the courtyard between the Oakland Center and O’Dowd Hall to investigate a minor who reportedly had alcohol. OUPD found the student throwing up into a trash can. He appeared to be drunk and smelled of alcohol. The student told the officer that he consumed three fourths of a fifth of vodka. The student was given a misdemeanor for minor in possession of alcohol.

Suspicious persons in the OC

            On Sept. 2, OUPD received a call reporting a suspicious person. A woman was in OU’s Barnes & Noble and appeared as if she didn’t want to be watched or seen. A male later joined her. Employees suspected she was there to steal textbooks and called OUPD. When they caught up with her she reported to being on campus to buy books but decided to not buy any. The suspect has prior convictions for theft, and video footage revealed the two attempting to take the textbooks. Barnes & Noble has decided not to press charges.