Student org profile: Gay Straight Alliance

courtesy of GSA

Falin Hakeem, Staff Reporter

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Known as being an organization that brings people together, The Gay Straight Alliance at Oakland University is an organization entailing weekly activities that are educational and social to either build community or give back to others.

“Students should join because it’s a great place to make friends, and we are adamant to maintain confidentiality in scenarios where one may not feel comfortable disclosing their information,” President of the organization Jaclyn Radziszewski said. “We are a great group of people who are very welcoming and accepting; inclusivity is our primary goal. You can learn a lot about the community and attend fun events, [of] which we hold multiple a semester.”

According to Radziszewski, the most exciting part of being involved in GSA is the weekly meetings. She says the meetings are a great place to make friends or learn something new.

“Our events range from social to educational,” Raziszewski said. “On the social end of the spectrum, we have various gatherings such as potlucks, bonfires, game nights and dances.”

Radziszewski said the organization has had many guest speakers who speak on topics such as LGBTQIA + history. The group is also know for hosting large events in support of the LGBT community such as its Annual Drag Show.

“Next semester, we have a bonfire, a study night, a game night, Pride Prom and our biggest event of the year, our 15th Annual Drag Show on April 5, 2018,” Radziszewski said.

The GSA has been around for many years, and it was originally called Pride Forum, but it evolved to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance in the 1990s. In recent years, it has opened it up to everyone in the LGBT spectrum and allies to the community.

“Although we may share similarities within our journeys as a collective community, we all walk different paths and are unable to be generalized,” Radziszewski said. “What may assist one individual in an aspect of life, may not work for another, it’s important to recognize that each coming out process, in whatever aspect of life, is a unique experience to each individual.”

For more information about the Gay Straight Alliance, please visit OU’s Grizz Org’s page.