It’s time to get down to business with OU’s school of business

Ariel Themm, Staff Reporter

The Princeton Review ranked Oakland University’s School of Business among the best in the nation, based off a survey of 23,000 students and administrators from over 260 schools. 

Michael Mazzeo, Dean of School of Business, has been in his position for many years.

“I think that what we really have here is special faculty where we have high human touch approach,” Mazzeo said.

“We offer the Achieve Program and we really want to help all the students with their development as well as with their career objectives.”

The Achieve Program is there to help business students prepare, practice and perform in order to further themselves for their future careers. About 88 percent of the students have said they felt better prepared for situations such as interviews with professionals.

“Most school of businesses don’t have this,” Mazzeo said.

“This is a required course for our school. We are not just focused the education we offer but again on that development how you set your resume, how you interface with employers but also not just how you do in a class but the other aspects that have lots of value.”

OU’s School of Business offers a variety of different departments in areas of finance, marketing, decision and information science, and economics. Mazzeo said about 80 percent of students have connections to receive a full-time job or internship and 95 percent of students have placement goals. In addition, 2019 will mark the 50th year of the program existing at OU. 

Students like Tyler Chrysler, a junior studying finance, find themselves greatly supported by the staff as well as finding themselves to be thoroughly trained for future jobs.

“In my classes, there’s a lot of development you go through but it’s great because you are taught all this important information so that it you can see the actual application rather than just theory,” Chrysler said.

“It also helps that the professors here are so passionate about what they do and it shows in how they present the material.”

One of the many tasks they take on is they trade with $2 million of the Kresge Foundation Money in a live profilo called the Student Man Investment Fund.

This is part of their teaching styles in active learning, where students can take on projects hands-on to receive full experience of what they are actively pursuing in their major.

“If anyone is curious about the business school, anyone can hang around Elliot Hall and try and talk to one of the professors, they’re always happy to discuss business with students,” Chrysler said.

If any students are more interested in learning about the Business School, contact counselors and visit OU’s website for more details about enrolling in its undergraduate or graduate programs.