Police Files Nov. 15, 2017

A hit and run

On Oct. 29, an Oakland University Police Department officer was dispatched to P36 for a report of a hit and run accident. Dispatch was advised that the caller witnessed a blue SUV with an orange Detroit “D” on the back window strike a silver Pontiac G6 and then drive off. Dispatch, upon reviewing camera footage, watched the event take place and observed the suspect drive to the P32 parking structure and park. The driver, later identified, was seen getting out of her car and walking to class. She was issued a ticket for failure to report an accident.

“Only a little”

On Oct. 28, OUPD officers were dispatched to a residence where two intoxicated females had been reported. The two were sitting on a bench, one holding the other while petting her hair and telling her to “sit up, people are around.” The officers introduced themselves. One female stated her name and the other muttered “I’m okay.” When asked if she knew where she was, she responded “I’m okay.” Both females said they drank “only a little.” At this point, one female began to drool and then throw up on herself. One was cited for an MIP, the other was not due to the concern of her medical well-being.

Kresge combatants

At 11:14 p.m. on Oct. 25, OUPD was dispatched in response to a report of a male and female fighting outside the main doors of Kresge Library. The two were dating and were arguing outside. Both were reluctant and vague in sharing details, denying any serious altercation. The footage from Kresge, however, showed the male punching the female and knocking her into the bushes, kicking her, slamming her face against a concrete pillar, and pulling her out of the bushes by her hair. The decision was made to take the male into custody for domestic assault & battery and MDOP.