JFK papers released

John Bozick, Web Editor

On October 28th President Trump officially signed off the release of over 2,800 previously classified pages from the investigation surrounding the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. While this newest dump of information is sure to keep conspiracy theorists entertained, it also offers some new insight into secret CIA plots against Cuba and into who the CIA and the federal government thought was responsible for Kennedy’s death at the time.

While not every aspect of the papers was tied to the overall assassination investigation, the information is still incredibly interesting and worth looking at. These are some the craziest findings of the papers, involving not only JFK, but Fidel Castro and even Frank Sinatra.

Sex Parties

One of the oddest documents uncovered was an FBI memo from 1960 discussing a “high profile Hollywood call girl” who would have information revolving about the investigation into “high profile sex parties” attended and hosted by JFK.

Allegedly, then-senator. Kennedy, his good friend Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and few other of Kennedy’s friends were involved in scandalous parties of such sort, at least according to the opinions of the then famous private investigator, Fred Otash, who was investigating the claim during Kennedy’s death.


CIA plot to kill Castro

The documents uncovered multiple plots to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro, some of which involved a contaminated diving body suit delivered to him by “Bridge of Spies” lawyer James B. Donovan while they were negotiating the release of Bay of Pigs prisoners. Castro, a fan of diving, was also supposed to be targeted by a booby-trapped seashell planted in one of the areas he frequented on his diving endeavors.

These two instances were just a few of the plots revealed against the Cuban leader, others of which involved a hypodermic needle shooting pen.


Soviet Union involvement and worries

One file revealed that the Soviet Union at the time believed Lee Harvey Oswald was a maniac, and that they feared war with the US following Kennedy’s assassination. According to the document, the Soviets feared an “irresponsible general” would try to launch a missile at them triggering nuclear war in the aftermath of JFK’s death.

Other documents suggest the Soviets actually felt Vice President Lyndon Johnson was responsible for the assassination, and that the KGB was believed to have extensive data outlining the relationship between Johnson and the Kennedy family.  


VP Johnson and the KKK

One of the weirder releases was from an internal FBI report in which an informant allegedly claimed to have “documented proof” regarding Johnson and his ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Claiming he was a member during his early political career, documents proof was never actually provided and the investigation was abandoned.


The real assassin?

While some may believe that Oswald killed Kennedy, a document does seem to look into whether he was a CIA agent. However, it does little to reveal any information. Richard Helms, the former CIA director was pressed on whether or not Oswald was a CIA agent; however, the document seemingly cuts off before his answer was recorded.

Given that officials are still skimming the thousands of pages of documents, more information will be revealed in the future, perhaps revealing even more outrageous scenarios that followed the JFK assassination.