Getting to know OU athletes

Darcy Dulapa, Staff Reporter

Tennis’ Samantha Galloway:

Samantha Galloway picked up a tennis racket at age four and has yet to put it down. Galloway grew up playing other sports, but felt tennis challenged her the most. She enjoys being alone on the court and determining her own results.

Galloway is majoring in pre-health professional in hopes of becoming a physician’s assistant. She has an estimated graduation date of May 2020. After her time is up at Oakland Univeristy, she plans on attending grad school.

Her favorite movie: “Frozen. Favorite color: Aqua. Favorite class: Psychology.

While competing I tell myself a lot of different things out on the tennis court,” she said. “One that is really important to me is ‘play each ball, point, game, set, match with purpose.’ In tennis I never look at the big picture I always play in the ‘now’ moment and focus on giving every ounce of effort I have into each and every move I make and that will equate to my best performance.”

Swimming and Diving’s William Gayne:

William Gayne noticed his swimming potential at the early age of eight when his parents first took him to the pool. His enjoyment for swimming matched his skill level, so he decided to roll with it. Gayne has been swimming for 10 years and loves it just as much, if not more, than the first day he jumped in that water.

He is a sophomore majoring in health sciences and is planning on graduating in 2021.

His favorite movie: “Saving Private Ryan”. Favorite color: Black and gold. Favorite class: Health science.

During swimming the only thing you think about is yourself and the water, nothing else,” he said.

Soccer’s Nadine Maher:

Nadine Maher, originally from Dublin, Ireland, made the move to the U.S. in August 2016. She has been playing soccer the past four years and is the current goalie for the women’s soccer team. Maher is a sophomore and studyies BIS- exercise science and robotics. She plans on graduating in 2020.

Her favorite movie: “Hidden Figures”. Favorite color: Sky blue. Favorite class: Exercise Science.

“Control what you can and don’t let what you can’t control stop you,” she said.

Track’s Sydney Mitchell:

The past six years, Sydney Mitchell has been working on perfecting her throwing arm, as it is quite sacred to her. She is on the track team and throws shot put, hammer throw and discus. Mitchell is a freshman and declared her major to be political science, with the hopes of graduating in 2021. 

Her favorite movie: ‘Moana”. Favorite color: Purple. Favorite class: American politics.

“Being challenged both mentally and physically is something that normally makes me feel bad about myself and makes me want to give up but when it comes to throwing, being challenged motivates me to try harder and do better,” she said.

Pick & Choose With the Crew:

Comedy: Galloway, Maher, Mitchell


Action: Gayne


Roses: Galloway, Gayne, Maher


Sunflowers: Mitchell

Fruits: Gayne, Maher


Veggies: Galloway

Sweet: Galloway, Gayne, Mitchell


Salty: Maher, Mitchell

Goldfish: None


Cheese Its: Galloway, Gayne, Mitchell

Hates cheese: Maher