Marketing week teaches students do’s and don’ts of business

The American Marketing Association (AMA) at Oakland University held their first Marketing Week from Oct. 5 – Oct. 8. 

The American Marketing Association (AMA) at Oakland University held their first Marketing Week from Oct. 5 – Oct. 8. 

AMA held events every day from Monday through Thursday, advertising and fundraising for the group and providing networking opportunities for Oakland students. 

“The purpose and motivation for Marketing Week and all AMA events is to develop aspiring businessmen and women, by hosting a variety of diverse marketing-related events with representatives from high-profile companies,” Alvin Pitris, co-president of AMA at Oakland University said. 

Some highlights from the week included a speech by Rob Mattina, vice president of marketing for the Detroit Red Wings, about sports marketing on Oct. 5 and the sixth annual Business Fashion Show on Oct. 6, hosted by Joey Namou of Channel 955. 

The fashion show demonstrated interview attire do’s and don’ts. The crowd had to guess what was wrong with each ensemble and won prizes for correct answers. 

Other marketing professionals such as Steve St. Germain from Universal McCann, a global media company, spoke during the week. AMA at OU hosted a bake sale on Thursday morning and held a bonfire in the evening, which open to all OU students. 

“These events give students the opportunity to not only network and mingle with other students, but it allows them to network with potential employers,” Pitris said. “Events are energetic and fun and provide insights into the latest business and marketing trends from prominent speakers.” 

Last year’s business fashion show pulled in over 100 people, and this year’s events on Monday and Tuesday had an average of more than 60 attendees, respectively.

The national American Marketing Association was founded in 1953, with the intent of seeking “answers for the future that would propel business growth and elevate the role of marketing,” according to the AMA website.   

The funds raised from Marketing Week events will go towards sending AMA board members to a national conference. 

Grace McClain of AMA added that at the conference students “market AMA at Oakland University…(and) get to market with people from other public universities.”

At last year’s conference, the group won three awards: Outstanding Fundraising, Outstanding Community and Social Impact, and Outstanding Membership.

Marketing Week participants and AMA members are obviously passionate about their work and bringing greater awareness to their group and the university.

“My personal favorite part of Marketing Week and all events is personally meeting and interacting with students and our guest speakers,” Pitris said, enjoying the first Marketing Week’s turnout.

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