Getting to know OU athletes

Darcy Dulapa, Staff Reporter

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Basketball’s Christopher Palombizio:

  • Christopher Palombizio is his name, and basketball is his game.
  • Palombizio rotates between small forward and power forward. This is his 16th year playing the game he loves.
  • Sophomore Palombizio is majoring in Human Resource Development, and has a tentative graduation date of 2019/2020.
  • Favorite movie: Friday. Favorite color: Black. Favorite currently enrolled class: Career Development.
  • “My favorite thing about basketball is the ups and downs in which it teaches you a lot about yourself and challenges you in all aspects.”

Softball’s Jessie Munson:

  • Four-year-old tee-ball star Jessie Munson would love where her future self currently is; playing Division I softball at Oakland University.
  • She plays infield, occasionally switching between second base and shortstop.
  • Munson is a freshman pursuing a nursing degree, and has the hopes of graduating from nursing school in 2022.
  • Favorite movie: Cars.
  • Favorite color: Emerald green or pink.
  • Favorite currently enrolled class: Biology 1200.
  • “My favorite thing about softball is the fast, upbeat, energetic tempo that teams experience through cheering in the dugout, taking on the field and scoring runs. When someone has great effort and excitement, it is contagious and brings the team together to create success.”

Baseball’s Nate Schweers:

  • Left-hander Nate Schweers has been playing organized baseball since he was five years old.
  • Schweers is a senior pitcher, and proudly wears jersey number 55.
  • Double majoring in communications and journalism while minoring in political science, Schweers has had his hands full during his academic career. His estimated graduation date is spring 2018.
  • Favorite movie: The Sandlot.
  • Favorite color: green.
  • Favorite currently enrolled class: Communication Capstone.
  • “The thing I love about baseball is that no matter how long I play, and how many unique situations I find myself in, there will always be something new to learn, and a way to get a little bit better. Baseball will always keep you on your toes, and expose you when you think you’ve got it all figured out.”

Volleyball’s Darien Bandel

  • Darien Bandel’s parents met playing volleyball, it’s no wonder she loves the game.
  • She is an outside hitter, and has been playing volleyball ever since she was old enough to hold a ball.
  • Bandel is majoring in social work and minoring in sociology. She plans on graduating summer 2018 and finishing the following year with her master’s in social work.
  • Favorite movie: The Harry Potter series.
  • Favorite color: blue.
  • Favorite currently enrolled class: her internship as an elementary school social worker.
  • “My favorite thing about volleyball would be my team. I came to this school because of the volleyball team’s culture and falling in love with the team’s chemistry. All of my teammate’s past and present are my family and I can go to anyone of them if there is ever anything I needed. That includes my coaches who I have known way before committing to the university.”

Pick & Choose With the Crew:

1. Summer : Palombizio, Munson, Bandel

   Fall : Schweers


2. Disney : Palombizio, Munson, Bandel

Nickelodeon : Schweers


3. Day : Munson, Bandel

  Night : Palombizio, Schweers


4. Cupcakes :

   Brownies : Palombizio, Munson, Schweers, Bandel


5. Chipotle : Palombizio, Bandel

    Qdoba : Munson, Schweers,