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The life of a student athlete

Darcy Dulapa, Staff Reporter

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The 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday wake-up call means more than just the typical “hurry up, get ready for class” to the student athletes of Oakland University. It is rarely ever followed by the pressing of the beloved snooze button.

That early morning wake-up call is followed by track practice, lifting weights, lunch, two classes and then an evening spent completing homework and studying. Welcome to the life of college athlete Briana Glanda.

Glanda has attended Oakland for four years while also doing what she loves most: running track.

When deciding what college to attend, Glanda made a list of why she wanted to further her education at Oakland. Her top three reasons were: “to be able to compete at the Division I level, to be close to home and the award-winning nursing program.”

“Oakland is an extremely tight-knit community,” Glanda said. “It’s the perfect school size for me and they have a great nursing program — very competitive, but worth it because it’s second in the state.”

When Glanda is not sweating out on the track perfecting her 400 meter time, she is in her scrubs, black thick-rimmed glasses and messy bun perfecting her injection placement skills.

“It’s a non-stop schedule, but doable with the right mindset and time management skills,” She said.

Oakland offers advisors to meet with athletes in order to make sure their classes fit into their practice schedules and that they have enough time to get their school work done.

“It can be really hard sometimes but its all about time management,” Glanda said. “It’s important to stay focused after practice and know when you have to study or go to class. We have the same expectations from professors as any other student who doesn’t have practice everyday, so we have to stay on top of our due dates.”

Resources are available at Oakland to keep student athletes on track. Students can utilize “Grizz hours,” which is a quiet study hall made solely for athletes to come in and complete assignments, or study whenever their schedule permits.

Glanda’s favorite organizational technique is keeping an up-to-date agenda and a few highlighters beside her at all times.

“I love crossing something off my to-do list,” She said. “It’s such a good feeling.”

Glanda’s advice for other athletes or anyone new to the student athlete life, is to plan your week out before it begins, use a planner to make sure you do not forget about any assignments or exams. She also recommends using the travel time that student athletes are more then familiar with to study and, most importantly, stay organized.

“Another key component to staying on-top of your classes is talking to your professors constantly and visiting them during their office hours,” Glanda said.

Professors at Oakland are understanding of their student’s busy schedules and are willing to meet during office hours if the student requests extra help.

Coaches also recommend the Writing Center, which is located on the main floor of the Kresge Library. Students can utilize this resource if they need extra help with homework assignments, catching up with certain classes or want further understanding of structuring essays or any other pieces of writing.

“Balancing school and track can be difficult, but I wouldn’t change my decision on choosing Oakland,” Glanda said. “I’m so thankful for the people I’ve met and the connections I’ve made.”

Briana Picks & Chooses:

  1. Sunflowers or Daisies? Daisies
  2. Dracula or Frankenstein? Dracula
  3. Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal? Grey’s Anatomy
  4. Cider mill or Haunted house? Cider mill
  5. Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes? Justin Bieber
  6. Jason or Freddy? Jason

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