Oakland club sport highlight: baseball


Mary Mitchell

The Club Baseball team aims to have fun and reach out to potential players who love the game.

Darcy Dulapa, Staff Reporter

Club Baseball President Gabriel Masek hit a home run by founding Oakland University’s first ever club baseball program last October.

Masek spends a majority of his time studying actuarial science at Oakland. But last year, he started to feel like there was something missing. Playing since the first grade and all through high school, he quickly realized exactly what that void was: baseball.

“This club is important to me because Oakland University’s baseball team is Division I NCAA,” Masek said. “That means it’s really hard for any student to walk on.”

The process began last October, but the club baseball team did not officially join the National Club Baseball Association until this past summer.

“I really felt the need for a baseball club so I met with Gabby Sokol, the Oakland University Club Director, about starting a new club,” Masek said.

From there, he began hanging up signs around campus to find a team. Shortly after, people started responding and soon, he had his team.

The club baseball team scheduled games last spring, but due to scheduling conflicts and bad weather, those games were cancelled. This postponed their first official season until this year.

Given Michigan’s four season weather and long winters, the club team splits its season in two; playing half of the games in the fall and the other half in the spring.

Masek’s right-hand-man is the teams Vice President Anthony Alu, who joined the team back in March when he saw the posters around campus.

“A lot of my responsibilities have been taken off my shoulders with the addition of Anthony Alu as the club’s vice president,” Masek said.

Alu is a senior studying mechanical engineering and has been playing baseball since he was six years old.

“This club is important for Oakland because it gives people another chance to play the sport they grew up playing,” Alu said. “About 3 percent of high school athletes play college ball, so this is another great opportunity to continue playing in a more relaxed environment.”

Senior pre-physical therapy major, Austin Macias plays third base for the club team and occasionally will catch.

Macias said the club has given him the opportunity to meet good friends, all while providing an opportunity to play baseball at a competitive level.

“Although it may not be at the collegiate level, it’s still fun to get out there against other club teams from different colleges,” Macias said. “I’d say that if anyone were even slightly interested in the club, they shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch and ask about it. It truly is a fun club with a great team atmosphere.”

First base and center-fielder Kyre Rundell is a senior at Oakland studying criminal justice with a specialization in homeland security. He views the club as a way to get involved around campus, and meet other students who share his love for baseball.

“I see club baseball catching on and becoming fairly popular,” Rundell said. “I know a lot of students love baseball and the club gives them an avenue to play for their school without needing to tryout for the school’s baseball team.”

The club receives its funds from member dues as well as team fundraisers.

They practice Mondays and Fridays at 5:30p.m. on the upper fields. The home games are played Saturdays and Sundays at Jaycee Park on Walton boulevard, just a few miles west of campus.

If interested in joining the baseball club, students can contact Gabriel Masek at [email protected], or Anthony Alu at [email protected].

Below is the club baseball’s 2017-2018 schedule:

October 7 vs. Wright State

October 14 & 15 vs. Adrian 

October 28 and 29 vs. Eastern

March 17 home vs Toledo

March 24 home vs Washtenaw Community College

April 7 & 8 home vs Wright State

April 14 vs. Washtenaw Community College