Staying safe in cold weather

With the weather being extremely unpredictable, it’s important to know how to adjust to the cold when it hits. While last week we soaked up the sun and enjoyed 70-degree weather, true Michiganders know that the cold and snow can settle in at any moment. This is also the season for holiday decorations and Christmas shopping (believe it or not). It’s true that cold weather can often prevent stylish efforts, but here are some tips on how to survive the upcoming cold weather while also looking fashionable, keeping up ondorm and apartment decor and beginning your Christmas shopping.




Layers: the secret to staying warm is layering yourself with the proper gear. Start off with a cotton t-shirt, a nice wool sweater, and a down jacket (don’t forget a hat, scarf and gloves!)

Footwear: Wool or synthetic socks that will keep your feet toasty warm and snow boots! Regular shoes are fine if the ground is dry.


Fashion tips: layer a chunky sweater over a t-shirt, then throw on that cute peacoat or topcoat. For more fashion tips, see “How To Survive Your First Winter: A College Students Guide” at


Holiday Dorm and Apartment Décor


Tis the season to decorate like crazy! The holiday season is approaching and what better way to get that holiday cheer going than decorating your dorm or apartment? Here are some of the most popular décor ideas to lift those holiday spirits!


Add some string lights to give your space that winter wonderland feel.  Hang some ornaments to add some drama to your room. Put a mini Christmas tree on your desk and use gift wrapping paper as wall paper. All of these things are easily accessible from Walmart, Target and Amazon. For more dorm and apartment decor ideas visit  


Ahh! Christmas Shopping?!


The best time to begin Christmas shopping is early on in the holiday season, but the time may vary depending on your shopping goals. If you want to maximize your savings, the best day to shop is usually on Black Friday. For people who like to shop online the best time is Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving where all of the sales that people weren’t able to catch in stores on Black Friday are available online. For more information on the best time to begin Christmas shopping visit