Club Sports highlight: Tennis


Sam Boggs

OU’s Tennis club gears up for tournament season.

Sadie Layher, Staff Intern

The Oakland University Tennis Club is serving up a new season with returning president, Jaclyn Nasir.

“I am most excited for all of the tournaments, both local and far away,” Nasir said. “My favorite team to play would be Ferris State University as they are very intense competition. Grand Valley State University and Ferris State University are our most challenging opponents.”

Despite these troublesome adversaries, the record for Oakland’s tennis club last year was 24-6, according to Vice President Aaron DeCaire.

In order to continue with the successful performance, Nasir said, “Sportsmanship is number one, and is the main core value.”

DeCaire said that the team also strives to be like a family.

“We do a lot of team bonding events, like we went to the football game this past Saturday,” DeCaire said.

What Nasir is looking forward to most this season is making sure the new players are having fun.

“My favorite part of playing for Oakland was all the tournaments because they are very exciting,” she said.

The team spends a lot of time getting ready for tournaments and matches, DeCaire says he can see all of the hard work paying off.

“The skill level has dramatically improved over the past few years and we actually can compete in Wisconsin where the Midwest Championship is,” he said.

Wisconsin is also the farthest Oakland’s club team treks. Because the club team’s skill set is improving significantly, the Golden Grizzlies have finished first in five tournaments and finished second in another.

Since tennis is a club sport, the team is required to do its own fundraising. However, the Club Sports Advisory Council provides the team with funds in order to use indoor courts. One of the biggest fundraising events that club tennis participates in is the student philanthropy month, which takes place in November.

“The tennis club has won second place two years in a row,” DeCaire said of the team’s fundraising efforts.

Nearly all of the funding goes toward the Midwestern Championship in Wisconsin and for indoor court time. The club practices every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for two hours, from 4-6 p.m. at the courts by upper fields.

The first match this season is taking place on Sept. 30 right here at Oakland. The team will be engaged in an eight-team tournament which involves Oakland University, Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, University of Toledo, Bowling Green University, Central Michigan University, Kent State and Eastern Michigan University. So the team gets to play it most enjoyable team and its biggest rival within the same day. 

The tennis club just wrapped up tryouts last week. Tryouts determine two teams: The A-Team which goes and competes, and a Practice Squad for beginners who still want to be involved with the club. Though the skill levels vary, the teams practice as one.

The men and women participating in the club are excited to get the ball flying.