Ahoy! Pirate Carnival of 2017


Mary Mitchell

Students had fun on various obstacle courses and rides provided by SPB.

Katerina Mihailidis, Staff Reporter

The Student Program Board’s annual carnival took place on Sept. 8, from 5 to 10 pm. Although not efficiently apparent, its pirate theme distinguished it from preceding carnivals. Despite the chill of the evening, smiles remained warm and glowing on students’ faces.

“It’s a tradition,” said Christopher Winter, president of SPB.

Turbo teacup, hungry hippos and the obstacle course were highlights of the night. Sigma Pi’s presence also filled hearts and stomachs with their classic pig roast. The food was a success, according to Oakland University junior Amy Brown, who attended the carnival for the third time.

There was cotton candy, corn dogs, snow cones and plenty more to choose from. SPB made sure to provide vegetarian-only food stands as well.

“I’m always game for free food,” Brown said. According to Brown, college students that are not the wealthiest of populations benefit from the free food provided.

“They love the rides, they definitely love the food, they definitely love the pig roast,” Winter said.

Sophomore Lauren Denson said that, although she was enjoying the carnival, she felt like there were more attractions, more rides and more things to do the year she attended the carnival for the first time in the fall of 2015.

Brown also said that she wanted to see the balloon artist, that she and so many other students enjoyed, be brought back as well as the cartoonist, despite the particularly long line he had.

Oakland University’s radio station, WXOU jammed all evening long, keeping heads bobbing and bodies moving.

Collaborating with Sigma Pi and Student Video Productions, Winter said the process for planning this year’s carnival wasn’t very difficult.

The pirate theme, inspired by Lester Villapando, the creative director of SPB was approved easily.

Most importantly, according to SPB member Chris Russell, the carnival was a great opportunity to get students out of their comfort zone, a great opportunity for the freshmen to meet new people and a nice way to wrap up welcome week.