Letter to the editor: Good intentions gone bad

I’m an OU student, and I was lucky enough to see the theatre program’s production of Equus this past weekend. I’ve gotten to see a few of their plays before, but this was by far my favorite. I usually look forward to the Oakland Post’s coverage of theatrical events on campus. However, I was very disappointed by the article regarding this performance.
As I said, I usually enjoy the Oakland Post, and was not only upset, but genuinely surprised by how this article handled the topic of nudity in the performance.
From the introduction, it was clear that the author was trying to treat a somewhat uncomfortable topic with humor in order to put readers at ease. But, while surely well-intentioned, this choice was disrespectful, and made it seem as though the nudity in the production was there for purely entertainment value. 
Although I was not involved in the production, I can imagine the extreme intimidation, embarrassment, and frustration the student actors must be feeling as their incredible vulnerability has been dismissed as a punchline. There is no room for this kind of disrespect in any professional setting, let alone an educational environment. While I’m sure that the intention was harmless, the consequence was anything but. 
To describe their nakedness as having some sort of entertainment value is not only misguided, but also potentially harmful to the well being of the students involved.
I cannot help but be worried about the existence of those people whom, upon reading your article, choose to go see this production with intentions for something other than an enriching theatrical experience.
Please publish, if not an apology, then at least a correction, stating that the show was misrepresented in the article, and the Post acknowledges its failure to be respectful of the show, and the students involved. This would be the most helpful step towards overcoming this unfortunate incident and moving forward.
Let me reiterate, this situation was made all the more frustrating by the fact that I know the Oakland Post to be an excellent source of both information and entertainment. I hope my respect for the integrity of the paper will not be compromised by the lack of an appropriate response.
Thanks in advance,
Emily Brett