Relieving stress through meditation

On Nov. 9, in the Rec Center, students are invited to take place in a free introductory meditation class.

The event called “Learn Simple and Powerful Meditation for Clarity, Health, and Joy” is being run by Jennifer Giordano, a psychiatrist part of the Isha Foundation.

 “Thirty years ago, a Yogi from India named Sadhguru formed the Isha Foundation with the intent to bring global harmony and well-being through individual transformation.” Giordano said.

The foundation is “an entirely volunteer-run international nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential,” according to their website.

At the event, Giordano will teach students a 15 minute meditation, which can be done while sitting in a chair. The goal of the class is to give students another means of stress relief, one of the number one concerns students face in college.

“There’s a lot of pressure for students – exams, grades, social life, finances, adjusting to being an independent adult, relationships,” Giordano said. “Meditation is a powerful tool to naturally reduce stress, increase one’s ability to cope with the demands of college life, and enhance feelings of peace, calm and clarity.”

The free, hour long class will start at noon and requires no experience. Giordano encourages beginners, or those looking to get into meditation to attend.