Club Sports Highlight introduction

Katie LaDuke, Staff Writer

Aside from being a Division I university for athletics, Oakland University is also home to 31 club sports with a total of over 500 members. This makes Club Sports one of the largest student organization groups on campus. Each club sport is operated out of the University Recreation and Well-Being Department and is completely student ran. The teams function just like a normal student organization would. So, it is up to the students in the club to fund and schedule the team. 

Club Sports at Oakland serves the purpose of giving campus members the ability to engage in activities to promote in areas along the lines of student development, socialization, physical activity and fitness. Since each club sport is student run, members are able to gain leadership and organization management skills while playing a sport.

To be eligible to join a club sport, all Oakland undergraduate and graduate students must be enrolled in at least one credit. Other members of the Oakland University community, such as non-students, employees and alumni, are also able to join a club sport if interested participants are at least 18 years of age and have purchased a membership to the Recreation Center if the sport utilizes this facility.

More information about tryouts and practices can be obtained from contacting the executive board of each team. Their information can be found on the GrizzOrgs website. 

Just like regular university athletics, club sports are able to travel for competition. Many sports travel to local in-state institutions, and out-of-state and international travel is also possible depending on the club sport.

Because many of these teams have their own competitions and tournaments that are not covered in the sports section, The Oakland Post is going to be highlighting some of these teams every week. Though they may not be in the school’s sports program, many of these teams excel in their respective competitions. 

Below is a list of teams that The Oakland Post will be catching up with over the course of the academic year. Stay tuned.

Ballroom and Latin Dance


Women’s Basketball






Figure Skating



GrizzFit (CrossFit)

Men’s Ice Hockey (DI)

Men’s Ice Hockey (DIII)


Men’s Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse

Men’s Rugby

Women’s Rugby


Ski & Snowboard

Men’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer




Ultimate Frisbee

Vitality Dance

Women’s Volleyball

Water Polo

Winter Guard

For more information on select teams, visit the team’s GrizzOrg page.