Surviving Your First Day as a Golden Grizzly

Falin Hakeem, Staff Reporter

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We all remember that first day of college – the exact outfit we were wearing, the surge of anxiety pumping through our blood as we walked into the classroom and being dubbed a “freshman” even after graduating high school.

Below, Oakland University upperclassmen and alumni reminisce on their first day and provide tips on how to survive it.

Confidence is key

“I remember wearing this frosty blue eyeliner that I thought looked so cool” said Mashal Khan, a 2013 alumna. “Be bold on your first day, even if you cringe about it years later.”

Pushing the point further, 2015 alumna Anita Dallo suggested confidence in meeting new people.

“There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of, contrary to popular belief,” Dallo said. “It’s just a group of people your age sitting in a room together, don’t be scared to talk to them or to ask questions. I met my husband in that room of people.”

Utilize those here to help

Dallo further explained it’s not just the students one should get close to.

“Even if you don’t make friends right away, try and develop relationships with your professors from the very beginning,” she said. “Only good things can come of it.”

2013 alumna Subha Hanif said taking advantage of the undergraduate advisors can help.

“I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for mine,” Hanif said. “As a freshman, one can feel overwhelmed and may not know what they want to major in exactly.”

Plan wisely with recourses

As far as the first day goes, 2016 alumna Namra Awan said to wait on buying your books.

“I remember buying all my books before my first day of classes because I wanted to make sure I was prepared,” Awan said. “Sometimes it’s not the best idea – a lot of the time the textbooks listed on your syllabus are older editions and need to be updated or the professor will say you don’t need them.” she said.

Although Awan didn’t buy her books on the first day of classes, she suggested buying scantrons ahead of time.

“I once forgot my scantron because I waited until the day of the exam and I was late to class,” Awan said. “From that day on I always had a pack on me. Even on the first day.”

Prepare for parking

As for tips on surviving the parking structure, sophomore Veronica Hirmiz said to leave at least an hour early in order to find a spot.

“If you live on campus, parking is not as bad, but spots fill up quickly,” she said. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Hirmiz added that for those classes that aren’t mandatory, don’t be tempted to skip, even when late because of parking.

“If you skip, you will be behind and it will be evident in your grades,” she said. “Some people assume the first day is always a blow off, but that’s not always the case.”

Be you

Khan said the best tip she can give is that in order to survive classes, make sure they’re the right fit.

“What works for others may not work for you,” she said. “Work smart, not hard.”