Getting involved – intramural sports

For some people college is the most exciting stage of life. Attending a university opens doors to opportunities that far exceed textbooks and PowerPoints. Social opportunities that create camaraderie, build community and clear the conscious after cram studying all week are found all over campus.

Aside from the various student organizations, Greek affiliations and campus culture associations, there is a recreational outlet that students, faculty, staff and alumni/affiliates can participate in — intramural sports.

Intramural sports are a great way for both campus residents and commuter students to get involved. It is a suitable athletic outlet for those who want to continue their athletic skills after high school, meet new people and have fun without the additional pressure and commitment of collegiate sports.

Participants are encouraged to join teams, create teams and become team captains. Registration can be done online via IM Leagues and this fall, Oakland University is offering some rather unique options.

Remember when dodgeball got banned from gym class and recess in elementary school? Here’s your shot at redemption. Compete with others to see just how fast you can throw the same ball that helped Vince Vaughn win over Globo Gym – thanks to Chuck Norris. The registration deadline for intramural dodgeball is Sept. 8. Competition starts Sept. 12 and there is a $20 fee per team.

This one might also be a blast from the past; team handball. The organized version of hot lava you may have played as a kid, where you keep a ball from hitting the floor using just your hands while trying to score it in the opposing team’s goal. Registration for team handball is Sept. 28. Competition starts Oct. 2 and the registration fee is $15 per team.

Those who have academic and work schedules too jam packed to maintain a continuous competition can enjoy a single tournament with specific intramural sports.

On Sept. 5 at 6 p.m., a sand volleyball tournament will be taking place at the Hamlin Hall sand volleyball courts. This competition is free and requires no prior registration.

For those who enjoy tossing a frisbee, there is a disc golf course on campus, Grizzly Oaks, and there is an intramural tournament for that as well. Registration for the event will begin Sept. 21 and the competition will take place Sept. 26. This tournament is also free.

Additional intramural sports being offered this fall include an ultimate frisbee tournament, softball, soccer, wallyball tournament, tennis tournament, badminton, flag football, volleyball and an arena basketball tournament to close out the season.

A great staple of intramural sports is that they dont require any prior experience. They are a great gateway for anyone looking to try a new sport or social activity beyond the classroom. Intramural sports promote lifetime fitness and wellness practices for all that are affiliated with the school.

In an environment that can be clouded with competition such as college, it is important to remember to have fun and enjoy the experience of it all. Intramural sports are a solid starting line for building new and exciting friendships, memories and achievements here on campus at Oakland University.